Blogging the BIO

BIO 2005 has joined the blogging business. A web log for the event at the Convention Center is online, offering recaps of the days' news. The reporting, mostly by Pradip Banerjee, is sunny. One feature stands out: the Top 10 of swag.

Louisiana is tossing beads. Maryland is throwing Frisbees. The friendly lawyers at Edwards & Angell have magnetic desk toys for you. Dyax is offering something called sticky lungs. Philadelphia is giving away the home addresses of animal-rights activists. Actually, the Select Greater Philadelphia org has put its faith in the Slinky. We are serious about the sticky lungs.

One stick-in-the-mud, Philip Kaplan, writes: wow - this whole biotech thing is really starting to mimic the dotcom shenanigans of the late 90's right down to the cheezy giveways. I have a slightly used backpack available if anyone is interested.

I'm heading out to watch the fun - protesters, conventioneers, skate rats. Will look for Pesky Apostrophe, who's got a Mrs. Robinsonesque thing for 'boarders.

Barry Mitchell
Posted 06/21/2005 12:39:33 PM

Dan I'm begging you, stay out of Center City with those nutty protesters. Don't be a hero big guy. Probably be like Chicago 1968. If only Frank Rizzo were still alive... More importantly, thank god I'm not the only guy that loves Doritos. And Raisin Bran. Yes, Kellog's not Post. And why are they both called Raisin Bran? Admired Reagan, not crazy about Bush, have no WMD. Join the club my friend...

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