I like Kara

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Kara DioGuardi

I usually avert my eyes this early in the season, but last night for whatever reason - the economy? the cold? the lingering affects of watching Paris Hilton search for a new best friend - I found myself looking forward to the big comfy idol couch. I liked the new judge, Kara DioGuardi. She seemed cool, kind of smart, seemed to make everybody like themselves a little bit more. (And apparently, I am not alone as her website has crashed this morning!) I liked that there wasn't too much of the cringe horrible stupidness. I felt that familiar Idol realization, stuning as ever, when sincerely nice people give up their dreams to pursue this and then cannot sing at all. Idol delusion lives, an incurable human condition. I liked thinking about how parents can do their kids a disservice sometimes by encouraging them randomly. And there was the usual shock when the people you think can't sing actually can sing, according to the judges (tattoo pink haired girl, I didn't quite get that.) Blind hipster boy at the end is a keeper. And was that really a glimpse of Brian Dunkelman at the beginning? Long live the Dunk!