And Then There Were Three

Didn't they look great together last night, our final four? Singing "Reelin' in the Years" with that marching band choreography. This is how I want to remember them. Gee, mommy, can't we keep them all. Pleaaaase? 

No, life is cruel. We must shed one of our cherished number. No suprise it was Jason Castro who seemed to see the thumb smudges on the wall. Was he relieved? Seemed like it. More and more he reminded me of Maynard G. Krebs, the beatnik on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

Jason was into Idol when it was fun. But this was turning into WORK! Three songs next week? Let me out of here.

I have to say that after that massively padded hour-long results show last night (The kids fly to Vegas! Jason kissses a dolphin! Here's Bo Bice doing a bad Lenny Kravitz imitation!) I'm glad the season is finally drawing to a close.

In fact, how about we cut to the chase? Send Syesha home right now and we can get down to the David vs David finale without further ado. Because I've had entirely too much ado.

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