The Agony of Jason

You have to feel sorry for Jason Castro, don't you? The poor guy. Last week "Memories". This week "September Morn". How lost and tortured must he feel?

He's probably thinking, "Are you sure this is how Adam Levine started?"

What else can they do to him? "Witchita Lineman"? "Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town)"? What musical horrors can they still inflict on our young dreadlocked friend?

The two moments I wish I could forget from last night's horror show: When Neil Diamond said to David Cook after he auditioned, "I got goosebumps."

And when that woman in the crowd held up a sign that said, "My husband has a man crush on Ryan Seacrest!" Is there any other kind?

Lot of signs in the audience last night but not many celebrity sightings. Unless as I suspect, that was Sanjaya in the string section during Jason's humiliating "Forever Blue Jeans", wearing shades and pretending to saw away on a violin.

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