The Andrews Brothers

The Eagles will sign offensive tackle Stacy Andrews, brother of Shawn Andrews. (File photo)

If Stacy Andrews is a player, the Eagles are in the process of getting themselves a double-bonus -- something they are never likely to admit, not wanting to insult Shawn Andrews, he of the mental-health issues. But when you bring in the brother of Shawn Andrews to play next to him on the offensive line, it is a two-fer -- provided, that is, that Stacy arrives for his physical with a functioning knee, a month or so after surgery.

The Bengals franchised Stacy last year. They're letting him go this year. You always wonder when an NFL team lets go of an offensive tackle because the good ones don't exactly grown on trees. (I mean, imagine how thick the limbs would need to be.)

But there obviously were issues with the Bengals involving the long-term value of a contract for Stacy -- that's usually why you franchise a guy, because the team and the player are in different worlds regarding the player's long-term value. Not being privy to all of the inner working of the Bengals' thinking puts an outsider at a disadvantage. But he was a starting NFL right tackle, and has been for a couple of years. He has the requisite size. The Eagles' biggest flaw in the past has been pro personnel moves in the off-season, but they have reshuffled that part of the department in the last year and this is the first big test.

If Stacy Andrews is a player,  they will be better -- and this is meant with no disrespect to Jon Runyan, who played through more physical crap than just about anybody in his business, and did it forever. And then, on top of that, he has to add some stability to his brother's situation.

If he can play...