Joe Biden, Eagles fan

Last year, Time magazine did a Q&A thing with the spouses of Democratic presidential candidates and Jill Biden was asked to name the TV show that she and her husband tried not to miss. She said, "Philadelphia Eagles games!"

Which makes you wonder, now that Joe Biden is preparing for the adventure of an eventful life, a vice-presidential run at Barack Obama's side:

Has a national political candidate ever been a fan of a Philadelphia sports team?

Bill Clinton liked Arkansas basketball -- in 1994, he was the first sitting President ever to attend an NCAA Tournament game when the Razorbacks played in a regional final game in Dallas. (I remember thinking what a pain the metal detectors were; simpler times.) George W. Bush used to own the Texas Rangers, so you assume some loyalty there. Gerald Ford played football at Michigan. I'm sure there were others.

But did FDR ever root for the Steagles? Did Truman like the Whiz Kids? Did LBJ think Joe Must Go? Did Dan Quayle like the Crazy Eights? Did anyone ever have a Philadelphia rooting interest?

In his day job, as senior Senator from Delaware, Biden has not always been the NFL's friend. About 10 years ago, he co-sponsored a bill along with Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, that would have forced the league to kick in more money for stadium construction and protect local municipalities from extortion. (It didn't pass.) About 20 years ago, he got into a dance with the league on anti-trust issues -- a dance that the NFL felt was a little bit too close.

But on Sunday, he apparently roots for the Eagles. Which raises the question, given Biden's new running mate: do Super Bowl aspirations for the Eagles this season qualify as the audacity of hope? Or just audacity?

(Oh, and given the size of those mitts, has he ever played wide receiver?)