Eagles Odds and Ends and Odds

A guy from Bodog sent me these odds on different Eagles stuff.

For amusement purposes only, etc.

Odds to win the Super Bowl, 25-1.

Odds to win the NFC Championship, 10-1.

Odds to win the NFC East, 7-2.

Over/under on Donovan McNabb starts, 14.

Over/under on Brian Westbrook rushing yards, 1,230.

Over/under on DeSean Jackson receiving yards, 490.

Over/under on Trent Cole sacks, 11.5.

Over/under on Asante Samuel interceptions,  4.5.

Make of them what you will. Now, I'm not a big odds guy, but the over/under on wins is written like this: over 8.5 wins is -180, under 8.5 wins is +150. Which means, I believe, that the over is believed to be more likely to happen than the under.

Still, is that the right conversation point?

I mean, they're better than 8.5 wins, right?