Thursday, December 25, 2014

Eagles' Billion Dollar Dilemma

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is just another billionaire in the NFL.

Eagles' Billion Dollar Dilemma

The rankings are out, again. The headline on the story said that, according to Forbes magazine, the average NFL team is now worth just north of $1 billion. So pat yourselves on the back. You were wrong last December when you were beating yourself up about throwing away all of this money on an 8-8 team. You weren't throwing it away. You were doing some good for someone else.

But if you really look at the numbers, things get a little more interesting. Last year, the Eagles were ranked fifth in the NFL at $1.1 billion.  This year, they are down to seventh at $1.116 billion. The Giants and Jets, with their new stadium beginning to loom in the Meadowlands parking lot, have now passed them by, at least by a little.

But,  consider: the Giants are 6 percent ahead of the Eagles at $1.178 billion. The Redskins are 38 percent ahead at $1.538 billion. The Cowboys are 44 percent ahead at $1.612 billion. In a salary capped world, that isn't such a big deal. But if the NFL is insistent upon Armageddon with its union, the result of which might just be the elimination of the salary cap, what does it mean that every one of their division rivals is worth more than the Eagles -- and the Cowboys are worth 44 percent more?

Questions. And while the fans have already done plenty, it might be time for more. In an uncapped world, the Eagles might really need your help.

I suggest a beef-and-beer.

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