Walnut Room Redux

Most lounges and clubs keep the same look until the place is literally falling apart. In those cases, it's usually too late revive the magic of the venue's glory days. The folks over at the Walnut Room have the right idea. They decided to give their lounge a hefty facelift while the venue is still in the height of its popularity. While this may be a pretty risky move for some places, the Walnut Room team has made just the right upgrades to keep them a serious competitor against upstart nightspots like Vango and G Lounge.
The first thing you will notice is all the open space. In its previous incarnation, there was this counter space between the bar and the sitting area that proved to be a huge obstacle during crowded nights. It's gone and now there is plenty of hardwood floor ready for you strut your best dance moves on. The long built in sofa that made up the lounge area is gone as well. In its place is a series of classy but almost cocoon like booths that are perfect for starting your own private party. In the back of the room, the tiny dj booth has changed into a wide open platform that I'm sure will end up doubling as a stage.
Because of the redesign, the Walnut Room is now known as the Walnut Room Redux. The new name and new look also comes with a brand new attitude. There is a push now for membership, which you can get for free by signing up at www.walnutroomredux.com. Most importantly, there is a bigger focus on quality entertainment. There is a great line of celebrity djs such as DJ Scratch, DJ Cash Money, and many more.