Featherman to take on Brady

John Featherman is not easily deterred. As a rebel in the city's GOP who did not have his party's blessing to run for mayor, he ran anyway and very nearly beat party nominee Karen Brown in the primary.

Now, Featherman has decided to take on Bob Brady, the head of the city's Democratic party and congressman for the first district. Brady will have the city's Democratic machine behind him, and he's held the office since 1998.

Featherman, a Realtor, said that among the reasons he wanted to run was a story by Inquirer reporter Bob Warner that Brady invited judicial candidates to an October meeting at which Democratic party treasurer Frank Oliver told the group that they had to contribute $10,000 each or lose support from party ward leaders. Brady was not present when Oliver said that and later said no one would lose support if they did not raise the money.

Featherman says he will officially announce his candidacy at a Republican City Committee meeting Thursday.

Featherman and Brady have at least one thing in common. Brady, too, ran for mayor and lost - in 2007. Oh - and Featherman took on Brady for his Congressional seat in 1998. Brady garnered 81 percent of the vote.


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