Dubow: city takes Council Q&A seriously

City Finance Director Rob Dubow has taken exception with our report (2nd item in the column) on the administration's response to City Council budget questions. In it, we wrote that, during most budget cycles, council members shower administration officials with questions, and often do not get answers. Councilman Bill Green said this time his office is tracking the administration's responses (or lack thereof).

In an e-mail, Dubow called the item "unfair" and he disputed our observation that Council often doesn't get answers to the questions it asks.

"In fact, we have someone at each hearing who is responsible for keeping track of each time we promise to get back to Council members. That person then sends out an e-mail to the appropriate City official asking him or her to put the response together. We then send the answers back to Council," Dubow's e-mail read.

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