State budget talks delay Senate action on city relief bill

Senate Republicans had anticipated meeting today to discuss where they stood on House Bill 1828, the Nutter-supported legislation that would raise $700 million for Philadelphia, in part, by raising the city sales tax.

Now, according to Inquirer Harrisburg reporter Mario Cattabiani, it seems no such discussion will occur until tomorrow, which means the earliest any vote could take place is also tomorrow. "As intense discussions on the state budget continue, today’s Senate session was changed to non-voting," said Erik Arneson, spokesman for Senate Republican Majority Leader Domenic Pileggi.

The change in voting schedule means the Nutter Administration will be just one day away - Friday - from sending nearly 3,000 layoff notices to city workers. The layoffs would take effect Oct. 2.

There's also the chance that no final action at all will occur this week in the Senate. "A vote this week is possible," Arneson said, "but if major issues emerge a vote may not happen until next week."

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