No Ducks on the Schuylkill

Ride the Ducks will not operate on the Schuylkill River this spring, as originally announced, and it's not clear whether the company will operate in Philadelphia at all.

The company had hoped to move its operations to the Schuylkill after a barge ran over a duck vehicle, killing two Hungarian tourists.

The proposed move the Schuylkill had generated opposition because users of the recreational path there feared the boats would disrupt a relatively quiet park.

Philadelphia Managing Director Richard Negrin, who oversaw the decision, said, "Managing Director Richard Negrin said, “We appreciate Ride the Ducks efforts to address community concerns, but when all is said and done the proposal’s potential traffic impact, the number of vessels that could be on the river at one time and the inability for the tours to operate during special events were issues with which the City was uncomfortable.”

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