NE ward leader to take on Donatucci?

Northeast Ward Leader John Sabatina in recent years has worked to get many candidates elected to office. Now he is reportedly considering winning himself an elected position - as Philadelphia's next Registrar of Wills.

Ron Donatucci, first elected to that post in 1979, has not said he is stepping down.

But Sabatina is sticking his toe in the water, making phone calls to inform people that he may be seeking the job.

"I think I will wait til we get closer to the outcome of various events," Sabatina said in a brief interview Tuesday night, unwilling to confirm or deny his plans, hopes or dreams.

Leader of the 56th ward since 1980, Sabatina has grown his business as a paid political consultant come election time. Candidates pay him fees, and he introduces them to other ward leaders.

The Registrar of Wills office would, in some ways, be a perfect fit for him. It is the only row office whose employees are all patronage workers.

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