Council wants answers from Nutter, and this time, it means to get them

It's an annual rite of budget season.

Council member asks for some arcane, but important, bit of budget data from a mayoral aide who is testifying on the budget.

Aide replies that he does not have the information.

Council member asks that the information be provided later.

Aide says: you got it, yes, absolutely.

And then, a lot of the time, nothing happens. The question goes unanswered, the data is never provided.

And Council goes ahead and votes for the budget anyway.

Not this year, Councilman Bill Green has repeatedly said. This time, he says he first wants answers to his questions before any budget gets his vote. And his aides are keeping awfully close track of what information all council members have requested of the Nutter administration, complete with a speadsheet that describes the query, the date it was asked, and the title of the administration official who got the question.

There's also a box to note when the data in question was provided. So far, though, those boxes are all blank.

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