And then there were eight...

Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. and Councilwoman Joan Krajewski on Friday joined half-a-dozen other City Council members in volunteering for a 5 percent pay cut with the city budget in the tank and administration officials taking pay cuts as well.

It might have helped that the Daily News today  ran a "Rogue's Gallery" of the 11 Council members who have not volunteered for the 5 percent give-back on both the editorial page and online. We like to think it was a delayed reaction to the Nov. 10 posting on Heard in the Hall reporting that Council President Anna C. Verna was taking a 5 percent cut.

Those who have yet to officially sign up for the pay cut are Majority Whip Darrell L. Clarke, Jannie Blackwell, Blondell Reynolds Brown, William Greenlee, Jack Kelly, Donna Reed Miller, Brian O'Neill, Frank Rizzo and Maria Quinones Sanchez. We expect more to join the Conga line shortly; Council members are not fond of public ridicule.

Goode had held out cutting his salary, instead cutting his office budget by 23 percent, which included laying off an assistant, something you won't often see in Council.

Verna was followed by Majority Leader Marian Tasco, Frank DiCicco, Bill Green, Curtis Jones Jr. and Jim Kenney in volunteering for the pay cut, which is not tecnically a pay cut, because Council members can't cut an elected office's salary mid-year; they have to take the money and contribute it back to the city. 

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