A Mütter Ball

Some of the 139 skulls in the Hyrtl Col- lection of Euro- peans from the 1800s are get- ting CT scans in collaboration with the Penn Museum. Left, Mütter exhibits manager Brandon Zimmerman gently handles a former fellow traveler.

Are you ready for an evening among some freakish and gruesome artifacts of 19th century American medicine? For $50 tickets you can attend the Mütter Ball on Friday, the second annual fundraising ball put on by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia at its Center City headquarters – the very place that houses the famous museum of strange and fascinating medical memorabilia.

The Mütter museum is renowned for its 20,000-piece collection of oddities such as a preserved cancer tumor removed from President Grover Cleveland, a collection of more than 2,000 objects removed from people’s throats, the plaster cast of Chang & Eng, the Siamese twins joined at their livers, and its large collection of skulls – the Hyrtl skulls.

The ball will feature tours of the museum as well as a DJ dance party, hors d’hoeuvres and 19th century punch. The college was founded in 1787 and touts itself as the oldest doctor’s group in the nation. The group conducts research and works to improve public health through education and communications such as its www.phillyhealthinfo.org website.

Tickets to the ball can be purchased from the college and online here.