Who has the most-coveted body in Hollywood?

Most readers subscribe to Fitness magazine because they're in hot pursuit of fine, fierce bodies. Therefore, it makes sense that the publication annually polls its readers on the ideal Hollywood body, and this year, that honor goes to Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith.


42-year-old Aniston wins in the division of the body women want most, with 34% of the vote. Philly-bred Smith wins in the men's department with 37%, and if you find these results remotely questionable, I suggest you sit through one film featuring these two.

However, as we all know, beauty is pain. Celebrities go through extreme measures to stay fit, and that involves participating in daily exercise and abstaining from guilty pleasures (i.e. frequent trips to the froyo place along Main Street).

Aniston admitted in a recent interview that she has packed on a few pounds after she quit smoking. Meanwhile, Smith seems to be consistent with his work-outs. The Daily News' Dan Gross reported that Will stopped into Sweat for an hour-long run in August, and those muscles of his are not sprouting overnight. Unless one is on 'roids.

On the other hand, readers vocalized that they were sick of looking at Kim Kardashian and Snooki's bodies, with 31 and 40% of votes (respectively) in the Please Put Some Clothes On poll. I concur- while one has monopolized the media (yes, guilty), the other has... well, made meatballs look good.

As for the hottest celebrity couple, the Beckhams were catapulted to the number one position with 34% of the vote. Svelte actress Cameron Diaz and baseball player A-Rod trailed next with 24%, which is surprising considering that supermodel Gisele and quarterback hubby Tom Brady came in third with 15%. Absurd. The Brady's clearly deserve the No. 2 slot!

See the full results here, and tell if you agree or disagree with Fitness readers.