The wait is over: Maison Martin Margiela launches at H&M

The doors of the H&M store on Walnut Street opened at 8 a.m. Thursday, but some faithful fashion fans were in line since 8 the night before the launch.

Take for example Jason Ayers, who stood on the curb anxiously awaiting a friend who was inside the store. "I've been here since 8 last night and I have an interview in New York today," said Ayers, dressed in a grey bespoke suit. "There's this belted jacket I like and these shoes I wanted," he said noting that he's a fan of Margiela because it's "different, but classy."

Unlike the Versace x H&M launch, the Margiela debut seemed to be much more structured and organized, the line was shorter, too. Those who waited along Walnut Street were given wristbands to secure their entrance into the store. That meant that once they procured a numbered band, they were able to step out of line and go about their business until the doors opened at 8 a.m.

"It was much more organized," said Teneqa Donatien, who held up her silver candy wrapper clutch in gleeful admiration. "There was an abundance of items compared to Versace," she said. However, that launch and the previous one (Lanvin) were both so exasperating for some that they refused to step out of line. "I've been here since 5 this morning," said Tess Orgasan, walking out with three bags full of Margiela items. "I don't remember what I got, but I'm happy with everything," she chirped.

Happiness seemed to be the resounding, common emotion for those who walked out of the store, largely satisfied with their purchases. Carl Northrop, however, did make it clear that there was some level of anxiety added to the anticipation of waiting in line. "It wasn't a game today," he said.

For Northrop, fashion is an opportunity to make an impression. "They may not know your name or your story," he explained. "But they know what you have on." Like Margiela: A brand with a recognizable aesthetic typically sold at a steep price, offered to those who patiently waited their turn on a cold November morning.

View the full Margiela x H&M lookbook, here.