Chanel No. 5 ad campaign starring Brad Pitt debuts

Laugh out loud.

That was our initial reaction two seconds into Chanel's latest ad campaign for its best-selling fragrance, No. 5. The video, which debuted Sunday evening on Chanel's website, stars a somber, steamy, and all-too-pensive Brad Pitt, who was announced this summer as the first-ever male to front the women's fragrance.


In the 30-second clip titled "There You Are," 48-year-old Pitt recites what Chanel calls, "the perspective of a man on the most feminine fragrance of all time." And we can't pinpoint if we're laughing over the Hollywood hunk's smoldering, good looks, or the pure, uninhibited cheesiness of his ode to the scentsational gods of luxury. Take for example, when he says, "But wherever I go, there you are."

For the reported $7 million Chanel dished out to have Pitt star in the campaign, the fashion house could have at least paved out the script-writing. However there is one redeeming factor: The video, shot in black-and-white by Anna Karenina director Joe Wright, at least upholds the aesthetic standards of the iconic fashion house.

As for us? We'd rather watch it on mute.