District: Cuts to teachers affect some, not all

Hundreds of teachers continue to fret over the future of their jobs after district officials proposed cutting 1,260 teachers to help make up a $629 million budget deficit.

While the district is offering an early-retirement program, it's likely that the majority of the laid-off teachers will be those with less than five years of experience. Nearly 400 teachers had notified the district of their intent to retire or resign at the end of this school year though it's uncertain how many will qualify.

Since the announcement, some are even getting permission from their principals to apply for jobs in other school districts.

But district officials revealed yesterday that there will be no cuts to enrollment teachers nor will any Title One teachers, whose positions are funded by federal dollars designated for underserved families, be in danger of losing their jobs.

Teachers within the district fall into one of four categories: enrollment teachers, Title One (federally-funded positions) teachers, per school allocations to principals and teachers allocated by Central Office for special purposes and programs.