Recap: 'The Walking Dead,' episode 713, 'Bury Me Here'

Lennie James in "The Walking Dead" episode "Bury Me Here."

"Bury Me Here" showed us the tipping point. Not just for the Kingdom, but for Morgan as well.  Since the first half of this season Richard has been trying to "do the right thing," encouraging action against the Saviors before its too late.  Tonight his plan was to make them late to the meeting, as well as to make the drop light. His hope was to be killed for those transgressions and that his death would then prompt Ezekiel into action.  Unfortunately, Jarod shot Benjamin in the leg and not Richard.  The bullet that was perhaps intended to be non-lethal, hit an artery, and the young boy bled out before they got back to the Kingdom. 

This sent Morgan spiraling ever so slightly, obviously reminded of his own lost son, Duane.  I think Richard's confession also helped Morgan reason with the loss.  There's also the fact that Richard's logic was not wrong, so much so that Morgan even carried out the second half of Richard's plan.  Part two was to earn the Savior's trust back, and once you have it, kill them.  Well there's no quicker way to do that, than by showing the Saviors you won't tolerate any threats to your deal with them and having one of your own kill the person that's responsible.  I think it also made Gavin a little afraid, which is good for the Kingdom.  Morgan taking Richard out bare handed definitely sent a message.

I loved Morgan's transition this episode.  Lately, he's been struggling with his akido (non-killing) mantra just as Carol is struggling with finally getting "everything she wants" in her solitude.  But she's still troubled by home.  Both had chosen not to kill.  Morgan, because all life is precious. Carol because she didn't want to lose the last good part of herself.  But those goals fall short compared to what they must do to survive.  They even switched places with each other.  Morgan wanted to walk away.  He wanted to kill every Savior he could.  She told him to stay in her house.  Quoting Ezekiel: "You can go and not go,"  she then went to go stay in the Kingdom.  She went straight to Ezekiel and told them they must fight.  Almost reminiscent of when Michonne told Rick and he was finally ready to listen in Season 7, Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating."

This episode was an excellent synopsis of what's great about The Walking Dead.  We get to watch regular people deal with extraordinary circumstances which test their humanity or display their lack of humanity.  Here we have two people who seem to hold exact opposite ideals yet are both trying to accomplish the same thing, to not kill - albeit for two different reasons. Each goes their own way about it, but still can't find a common ground.  By the end of the episode both flip positions.  Morgan is ready and willing to kill again, sharpening his stick back into a spear.  Carol rejoins a community prepared to sway Ezekiel to fight.  And even though they've both (Morgan & Carol) swapped opinions, they are both still on the same side and willing to go to war - though their motivations are still likely mutually exclusive.  That's some high quality story telling right there.