Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 312, 'Untouchable'

Grant Gustin, Keiynan Lonsdale in "The Flash," episode 312, "Untouchable."

Tonight stuff just got real!  At least for our burgeoning Kid Flash.  We open on a foot race; training, for Kid Flash.  For most of the race he and The Flash are neck and neck.  But nearing the final straight-away, Kid Flash begins to pull ahead. He's gaining distance, building momentum, looking good. But then he has to run up a building, Barry is able to phase through thus costing Kid the contest. The race Illustrates what our young upstart needs most, experience. 

Tonight Wally gained the valuable experience of failure as well as being inadequate. He boldly uttered those four shaming words for speedsters: "I wasn't fast enough."  

Once your loved one's life is on the line all those kid jokes go right out the window. Nothing like your sister's death bed to make one somber and humble. But it's also in these moments where one finds the resolve and determination to do better. The need to redeem oneself, which Wally does, in spades no less. 

Julian had a bumpy landing into the team but seems to be finding his place - which is apparently at a bar with one miss Katelyn Snow. Either that or talking her off the ledge when she has one of her Frosty flair ups. Surprisingly, he has excelled at this. He's even swayed into breaking police protocol, to examine a corpse at Star Labs, where even though they haven't got a whole roof, they do have a 3D imaging scanner that the CPD hasn't approved yet for Julien's lab. 

Its been about 2 weeks since Barry told the Crew about what he saw in the future. So that means Iris is ready to reveal to her Dad the secret they've all been keeping.  Not for any particular reason or anything, just because The Flash doesn't leave anything lingering too long.  I see Iris make the decision to tell Joe. But there's not justification.  She just sees him all happy and about his girl and his life at the moment and then she's like, now's the time.  They then all agree, no more secrets.  


Now the WTF moment comes at the conclusion of this episode, when The Flash, single-handedly phases an entire train through rubble on the tracks.  The whole train several cars.  Mind you The Flash doesn't provide these willy nilly.  Wally shines simultaneously in the conclusion as well.  Because to date I don't recall Barry ever running through an enemy.  Which also saves his sister, as speed-force infused blood was the key to negating Clive Yorkin's necro powers.  This erases his previous faux pas.  A little taste of that redemption we mentioned earlier.


All in all, a great episode.  Both our heroes leveled up and surprised themselves.  There may be something to pitting them against each other.  If it gets results like this episode, lets do that a lot more.  It sucks that they're taking next week (Feb. 14) off.  But I'll stay strapped in for the road trip to Gorilla city coming Feb. 21. See you here after.