Recap: 'Supergirl' episode 2, 'Last Children of Krypton'


There’s no better feeling then when an adaptation of something you enjoy is done right. With the second episode of Supergirl's sophomore season, it’s all going so right. The show feels very much in line with its CW compatriots in its pop culture references and embedded bits of DC Comics' lore; just to make sure we’re listening to what’s going on. Plus they maintain the CW brand with just enough created family/relationship drama without it getting too heavy. But you’d miss it if it were gone.

The characters give us their expected shtick, but they also continue to surprise us as well. J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) is the curmudgeonly old soldier in charge particularly when dealing with Superman. The episode reveals their shared history as well as the reason for his squabbles with the Man of Steel. Winn (Jeremy Jordan) easily settles into his role as DEO agent with the exception being working or associating with Superman. It’s in these moments that his inner fan boy shines through brightly.

And then it’s up, up and away to adventure mode.  Clark and Kara putting out fires, Clark and Kara stopping robbers who obviously haven’t done a lick of research; if bullets don’t work, what makes them think punches will? Clark and Kara stop a rampaging alien, smiling with delight over their teamwork much to the chagrin of their DEO teammates J’onn and Alex. Even when Clark decides that it’s time to return home, one last mission brings the Superkin together again and winds up being their most dangerous one yet. A clash with last episode’s assassin-turned-supervillain John Corben (Frederick Schmidt), transformed now into the Kryptonite-powered cyborg Metallo, gives us the classic image of Superman holding his unconscious cousin, ripped from the cover of "Crisis on Infinite Earth" No. 7.

Last week introduced us to Cadmus, the villainous organization bent on proving to the world that the alien menace that has saved the planet countless times is really out to get us. The mysterious scientist at their lead is responsible for slapping stolen Kryptonite into the chests of criminals, such as Corben, to further their schemes. Her angels and demons metaphor rings of Lex Luthor's rant in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m not certain who this diabolical head of Cadmus may be or what she knows about Kara and Alex's father (my hope is Kitty Faulkner because a Supergirl/Rampage fight would be AWESOME!) but she’s darn sure angry about aliens and she’s going do something about it.

That's just one of the many mysteries that still abound in Supergirl. Who is the mysterious alien that crashed down to Earth last week? She didn’t show up in this episode but you can’t help asking yourself  what Lena Luthor is up to? It just comes with the name. More familiar names and places appear as well. Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), the original Justice League of America mascot, makes his first appearance in the CW Universe as Kara’s new boss. Kelex, Superman’s robot Butler at the Fortress of Solitude (Alfred envy?) shows up to help Clark and J’onn mend fences.

Adventure mode round two gives us twice the Superheroes and twice the Metallos in two adopted cities for twice the action. If you’d told me I’d ever see Superman and Martian Manhunter fighting a Metallo while Supergirl and her sister, in Anti-Kryptonian Armor, battled the original Metallo, I would have called you crazy, but it happened on live action television and it was glorious! 

This season, Supergirl has been like my favorite Saturday morning cartoon, only with beautiful people standing in for the animation and doing a surprisingly great job of making me care about their lives out of the tights and capes. Good luck to Cat Grant on her leave of absence (Calista Flockhart is a bit too expensive to be on every episode) and similar good luck to Kara and James’ new roles at CatCo. Who knows if they’ll get back together; I think we’re all just wondering when Clark is coming back.