Rendell on 'Today' show this morning

Why is Obama struggling? Vieira asks Rendell. With an unpopular president, and a financial crisis, shouldn't he be far ahead in Pennsylvania?

After taking a shot at McCain about wanting to wants to deregulate health care, Rendell says that Republicans havve lot of Pennsylvanians convinced that Obama's going to raise their taxes. Rendell says he's been going around the state to spell out that Obama will cut middle class taxes.

Today Show co-host Meredith Vieira interviews Gov. Rendell about Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama's campaign in the Keystone State. (Clem Murray / Inquirer)

Rendell himself has said Obama needs to be less professorial, even more aggressive, he says as people get to know Obama they'll come around.

He's great with crowds of 500, the governor says. "He's smart, he's funnny, he's self deprecting, ...  he's a terrific guy."

Hillary Clinton has been helpful, doing everything she's asked, and she'll be visiting the Scranton area soon, he says.

Afterward, Henley chats up the Gov for local news, talking about his being a great venue.

Rendell also asks Roker if he's been in the Constitution Center, and Roker said he was there doing a broadcast with Jon Bon Jovi. Rendell said to Henley if the center was in D.C., it would be the No. 1 attraction there.