Laperriere has brain contusion

Flyers forward Ian Laperriere has a brain contusion and will be out of action indefinitely. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Flyers forward Ian Laperriere has a brain contusion and a mild concussion and is likely to miss the rest of the playoffs, general manager Paul Holmgren announced Tuesday evening.

“After seeing a couple different doctors both in Philadelphia yesterday and a specialist in Pittsburgh today, we’ve come to the understanding that Ian has a contusion of the brain, mild concussion and right now we’re going to list him as being out indefinitely,” Holmgren said.

Laperriere was hit with a slap shot above his right eye in the Game 5 victory over the Devils.

“I think this is significant," Holmgren said. "They saw a little spot there initially and I think they were hoping, like we all were, that it would dissipate a little bit, but after seeing the doctor yesterday and validating it again today – it kind of erased any optimism we had. Right now it’s not safe for Ian to play.”

Laperriere is expected to out for the remainer of the playoffs. The Flyers will open second-round play either Friday or Saturday against either Boston or Washington.

“They’ll be a point in time, probably in 4 weeks, where we will give him another CAT scan and see what’s going on," Holmgren said. "At that time maybe we can re-adjust, but that’s a long ways off. That’s 4 weeks and probably not doing a whole lot… and what’s it take for him to get back into shape and that type of thing, so it's pretty safe to say that he’s out indefinitely is probably for the remainder of the season.”