Finally, Outrage. Now Time for Change

Danieal in happier times.

We all should  be shedding tears over  Danieal Kelly, whose so-called mother allowed the 14 year old to shrivel down to 42 pounds and starve to death while DHS turned its back on her.

I wrote about Danieal's nightmare in today's column.

A choked-up Mayor Nutter had some tough talk for DHS yesterday, saying that if what happened to Danieal happened to his own daughter, "I would kick their ass myself."

An appropriate response, Mr. Mayor. But two years after Danieal's rotting, bedsore-infested body was discovered in her mother's home, it's time for action.

What is needed? Will more heads need to roll? Another review of cases? An upheaval of the entire system ?

What would you want done if  Danieal were your child?