The Eagles Fitz

Watching the Fox pregame show, and wondering how long this yuk-fest format will endure. Can't we get IPods to do this? If I wanted to see a handful of of old guys in garish vestments gesturing wildly and saying little of importance on Sundays, I'd go to church. Jay Glazer, who's a kind of Fred Edelstein without hair, said Michael Vick worked as a janitor in prison. Here's hoping the Eagles don't need him to clean up a mess against Kansas City. Given the focus of the conversation, television viewers are going to have more Vick lathered on them today than a 1950s kid with a cold. Howie Long isn't wearing a tie. Maybe he lost it trying to strangle Jimmy Johnson or Terry Bradshaw. Personally, I'd rather be waterboarded in Gitmo than share a desk with those two boobs.