Want to tour local distilleries? There's a map for it

Dean Browne stands by his still at Rowhouse Spirits on Frankford Avenue.

Pennsylvania distilleries have been on the rise since 2011, when state legislators passed laws allowing distillers to offer tours, tastings, and on-site sales.

So much so that now, in the Philadelphia area, anyway, we can make a day out of visiting them — or, so shows the new website, Philadelphia Area Distillery Trail.

Put together by the folks at area distilleries including Rowhouse Spirits, Philadelphia Distilling, Dad’s Hat, and others, the site rounds up all the region’s distilleries in an easily navigable map to help booze-obsessed tourists to get their fix more efficiently. Distilleries from Camden to Lancaster are included on the map, a release says.

Rowhouse Spirits owner and distiller Dean Browne said via a release that the idea for the tour site came from visitors in his own distillery who were surprised to learn that the Philadelphia area had so many liquor producers.

“We often get people wandering into our distillery, and they are shocked to learn just how many distilleries there are in the area. We’ll often encourage them to visit other tasting rooms, but it’s still on them to remember each distillery and then find them. The new website just makes it easy for people to explore and try new spirits,” Browne said.

Check out the site, and plan your own distillery tour, here.