What's in Pres. Obama's Netflix Queue?

Gary Cadenat and Darling Legitimus in Euzhan Palcy's stirring "Sugar Cane Alley," set in Depression-era Martinique.

"The first movie Obama viewed in the White House theater was 'Slumdog Millionaire.' He loved it, and parts of the movie reminded him of his childhood days in Jakarta, Indonesia." So noted CNN reporter John King of the debut movie of the new presidential administration, a movie about adversity and hope, triumph and love.

Which gets me to thinking: How would you program the White House theater in the coming months? What should President Obama and his family watch to keep hope alive?

My top-of-head recommendations for education mood-movies: Laurent Cantet's powerful new film "The Class," about the challenges of teaching in a Paris public school; Euzhan Palcy's "Sugar Cane Alley," the tale of a young boy in 1930s Martinique whose grandmother struggles to keep him in school; Elia Kazan's "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," the classic about a girl who fights to stay in school even though her family encourages her to drop out so she can contribute to the household expenses. Compelling health-insurance scenarios (but don't let Sasha and Malia see these): Francis Coppola's "The Rainmaker" and Warren Beatty's "Bulworth."

What would you book for the White House theater and its moviegoers?