When you first meet artist Miles Regis, his calm and peaceful spirit is as ever-present as his ultra-chic sense of style.  With shoulder-length dreadlocks, self-designed clothing, and an inviting smile, Miles is the type of individual that strangers are immediately inclined to introduce themselves to.  Like most others, they simply want to know... who is Miles Regis?

Based in Los Angeles, Miles Regis is a Trinidad-born artist whose work taps into the emotions of the exotic cultures of the world and presents them in ways that are relevant to today's modernized society.  His work has appeared in association with CNN, NextAid World’s Day, CCH Pounder (AVATAR, THE SHIELD), Nicolette Sheridan (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), American Rag Cie, Senegal’s La Musee Borindar, Isaiah Washington (GREY’S ANATOMY) and several art communities around the country and throughout the world.  With a style reminiscent of master painters such as Basquiat, Pollock, Gauguin, Dali, and Rivera, Miles’ imagination is saturated with notions, ideas, and images, reflective of a world filled with conflicting interests.  To that effect, the artist has been exhibiting works alongside Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Gary Baseman and other artists as a part of Manifest Equality, a highly touted equal rights gallery and series of events produced by Yosi Sargent, former NEA representative and head of the west coast publicity team behind Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  During the event, Miles' exclusive backstage exhibit allowed him to impact change alongside notable celebrities like Marissa Tomei, Daryl Hannah, and Heather Graham.

Manifest Equality also allowed for a chance meeting between myself and Miles. Days later, Miles presented me with a piece entitled "Art Is Light" as a gift during the ICON exhibit of Jeremy Corbell and an event I co-hosted with Ted Hartley of RKO PIctures for candidate Doug Turner for Governor of New Mexico at my home .   Miles describes the six-foot by four-foot canvas painting as "a representation of the art and spirit that is found in each one of us."  In celebration of the spirit of giving, both Miles and I have agreed to use this painting to do just that - give.  Throughout the month of March, the painting (valued at $20K) will be auctioned to the highest bidder with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Remedee.Org, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching filmmaking to under-served youth communities around the world.  

For general information, or to make an offer, please send an email to Genius Effect Media Group,