FIFL Draft Results: Peterson No. 1

Adrian Peterson was the first pick in the Fantasy Island Football League. (AP File Photo/Seth Perlman)

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Now on to the good stuff....

Last night was the draft in my Fantasy Island Football League. While it was a real draft, and not a mock draft, I figure it's a good chance to break down some of the picks, especially the surprises, and take a look at how each team's roster filled out.

I guess the best place to begin is the first round:

Adrian Peterson earned the top spot in our draft, and I'm not sure how much Arian Foster's injury had to do with that. Either way, they are both in the top three, and that seems right to me.

The one thing that stands out here is Ray Rice. I had him ranked as the No. 5 running back. I'm not completely shocked that he went this high, as there are concerns with some of the other top backs. Personally, I would not have taken him there, but it's not a bad pick at all.

The first seven picks were all RB, until I - Viva (Ron) Mexico - took Mike Vick with the 8th pick. Aaron Rodgers was the second QB to go. Both went about where I expected.

Two WR's also crept into the first round - Andre Johnson and Roddy White. Both worthy of first round selections, although I would have taken the other Johnson, Calvin Johnson, over White.

Darren McFadden at 14? He had some BIG games last season, but I don't see the consistent value there. He likely could have fallen.

The real shock here is Tom Brady at 24. For those keeping track, AP and Tom Terriffic have fallen to the same team.

I really like the Mike Wallace pick at 22. I had him ranked as the 3rd WR heading into the draft, and he was the 7th taken. Pretty good value there.

Through two rounds (24 picks), here is what has been drafted: 12 RB, 7 WR, 5 QB.

I am not shocked that half of the picks have been running backs, but I am shocked that there have been more receivers taken that quarterbacks. I wrote a few weeks back, when I was ranking the running backs, that QB's have taken over the game as top scorers. I took a quarterback and running back with my first two picks. However, there were two players who took receivers with each of their first two picks.

That would make a little more sense to me if it were a PPR, but both seemed to make out okay with QB's, nabbing Tony Romo and Peyton Manning in the 4th round.

The real shocker of the third and fourth rounds is Peyton Manning. I can't believe that Tony Romo went ahead of him, and that he stuck around until the 39th pick. I don't think his injury will keep him out that long, and that's a great pick.

After having some time to analyze the draft results, here is my take on who had the best, and worst drafts:

1. @news_junkie8008 - Arian Foster, Mike Wallace, Matt Ryan, Vincent Jackson
2. West Chester Rock City - Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis
3. Viva (Ron) Mexico - Mike Vick, Michael Turner, Dwayne Bowe, Ryan Matthews, Ryan Grant
4. Margate Hurricanes - Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, Miles Austin, Mark Ingram
5. @NYCParson - Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Tony Romo, Ahmad Bradshaw
6. Feather Nutz - Jamaal Charles, Hakeem Nicks, LeGarrette Blount, Ben Roethlisberger, Austin Collie
7. Team Wolfson - LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Matt Schaub, Ochocinco
8. Team Johnson - Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Felix Jones, Peyton Manning
9. JB Balla - Frank Gore, Darren McFadden, Jeremy Maclin, Josh Freeman
10. Holmesburg Yuenglings - Ray Rice, Philip Rivers, DeAngelo Williams, Santana Moss, Plaxico
11. Vital Vipers - Chris Johnson, Drew Brees, Matt Forte, Mike Williams, Brandon Marshall
12. @ScrappleSports - Rashard Mendenhall, Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, Dez Bryant, Eli Manning.

I could go through every pick, but that would take too long. Here's a look at how all the rosters filled out, including what pick each player went at:

West Chester Rock City
1       Adrian Peterson, MIN-RB
24     Tom Brady, NE-QB
25     Peyton Hillis, CLE-RB
48     Percy Harvin, MIN-WR
49     Wes Welker, NE-WR
72     Sidney Rice, SEA-WR
73     Fred Jackson, BUF-RB
96     Robert Meachem, NO-WR
97     Jets, NYJ-D/ST
120   Jerome Simpson, CIN-WR
121   Jay Cutler, CHI-QB
144   Darren Sproles, NO-RB
145   Neil Rackers, HOU-K
168   Justin Forsett, SEA-RB

Holmesburg Yuenglings
2       Ray Rice, BAL-RB
23     Philip Rivers, SD-QB
26     DeAngelo Williams, CAR-RB
47     Santana Moss, WAS-WR
50     Plaxico Burress, NYJ-WR
71     Julio Jones, ATL-WR
74     Willis McGahee, DEN-RB
95     Eagles, PHI-D/ST
98     Braylon Edwards, SF-WR
119   Mark Sanchez, NYJ-QB
Deion Branch, NE-WR
143   Davone Bess, MIA-WR
146   Donald Driver, GB-WR
167   Ryan Longwell, MIN-K

3       Arian Foster, HOU-RB
22     Mike Wallace, PIT-WR
27     Vincent Jackson, SD-WR
46     B. Green-Ellis, NE-RB
51     Steve Johnson, BUF-WR
70     Matt Ryan, ATL-QB
75     A.J. Green, CIN-WR
94     Thomas Jones, KC-RB
99     James Jones, GB-WR
118   Patriots, NE-D/ST
123   Kyle Orton, DEN-QB
142   Saints, NO-D/ST
147   Andre Roberts, ARI-WR
166   Billy Cundiff, BAL-K

Feather Nutz
4       Jamaal Charles, KC-RB
21     Hakeem Nicks, NYG-WR
28     Legarrette Blount, TB-RB
45     Brandon Lloyd, DEN-WR
52     Ben Roethlisberger, PIT-QB
69     Austin Collie, IND-WR
76     Joseph Addai, IND-RB
93     Jordy Nelson, GB-WR
100   Matthew Stafford, DET-QB
117   Hines Ward, PIT-WR
124   Antonio Brown, PIT-WR
141   Montario Hardesty, CLE-RB
148   Lions, DET-D/ST
165   Adam Vinatieri, IND-K

Team Wolfson
5       LeSean McCoy, PHI-RB
20     Steven Jackson, STL-RB
29     DeSean Jackson, PHI-WR
44     Matt Schaub, HOU-QB
53     Chad Ochocinco, NE-WR
68     Steve Smith, CAR-WR
77     Steelers, PIT-D/ST
92     Mike Thomas, JAC-WR
101   LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ-RB
116   Jerome Harrison, DET-RB
125   Mike Sims-Walker, STL-WR
140   Ronnie Brown, PHI-RB
149   Mike Williams, SEA-WR
164   Nick Folk, NYJ-K

Vital Vipers
6       Chris Johnson, TEN-RB
19     Drew Brees, NO-QB
30     Matt Forte, CHI-RB
43     Mike Williams, TB-WR
54     Kenny Britt, TEN-WR
67     Bandon Marshall, MIA-WR
78     Daniel Thomas, MIA-RB
91     James Starks, GB-RB
102   Malcolm Floyd, SD-WR
115   C.J. Spiller, BUF-RB
126   Roy Williams, CHI-WR
139   Bears, CHI-D/ST
150   Josh Brown, STL-K
163   Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF-

7       Rashard Mendenhall, PIT-RB
18     Greg Jennings, GB-WR
31     Reggie Wayne, IND-WR
42     Dez Bryant, DAL-WR
55     Jahvid Best, DET-RB
66     Beanie Wells, ARI-RB
79     Eli Manning, NYG-QB
90     Pierre Thomas, NO-RB
103   Joe Flacco, BAL-QB
114   Nate Kaeding, SD-K
127   Donovan McNabb, MIN-QB
138   David Garrard, JAC-QB
151   Chargers, SD-D/ST
162   Garrett Hartley, NO-K

Viva (Ron) Mexico
8       Michael Vick, PHI-QB
17     Michael Turner, ATL-RB
32     Dwayne Bowe, KC-WR
41     Ryan Matthews, SD-RB
56     Anquan Boldin, BAL-WR
65     Ryan Grant, GB-RB
80     Pierre Garcon, IND-WR
89     Michael Bush, OAK-RB
104   Ravens, BAL-D/ST
113   Matt Cassel, KC-QB
128   Michael Crabtree, SF-WR
137   Steve Smith, PHI-WR
152   Rob Bironas, TEN-K
161   Roscoe Parrish, BUF-WR
Margate Hurricanes
9       Aaron Rodgers, GB-QB
16     Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC-RB
33     Miles Austin, DAL-WR
40     Marques Colston, NO-WR
57     Mark Ingram, NO-RB
64     Jonathan Stewart, CAR-RB
81     Mike Tolbert, SD-RB
88     Packers, GB-D/ST
105   Sam Bradford, STL-QB
112   MDanny Woodhead, NE-RB
129   Nate Burelson, DET-WR
136   Steve Breaston, KC-WR
153   Dolphins, MIA-D/ST
160   Mason Crosby, GB-K

Team Johnson
10     Andre Johnson, HOU-WR
15     Larry Fitzgerald, ARI-WR
34     Felix Jones, DAL-RB
39     Peyton Manning, IND-QB
58     Shonn Greene, NYJ-RB
Tim Hightower, WAS-RB
82     Lee Evans, BAL-WR
87     Reggie Bush, MIA-RB
106   Danny Amendola, STL-WR
111   Kevin Kolb, ARI-QB
130   Alex Henery, PHI-K
135   Falcons, ATL-D/ST
154   Bernard Scott, CIN-RB
159   Denarius Moore, OAK-WR

11     Frank Gore, SF-RB
14     Darren McFadden, OAK-RB
35     Jeremy Maclin, PHI-WR
38     Santonio Holmes, NYJ-WR
59     Cedric Benson, CIN-RB
62     Josh Freeman, TB-QB
83     Marshawn Lynch, SEA-RB
86     Johnny Knox, CHI-WR
107   Ryan Williams, ARI-RB
110   Ryan Torain, WAS-RB
131   Ricky Williams, BAL-RB
134   Roy Helu, WAS-RB
155   Stephen Gostkowski, NE-K
158   Giants, NYG-D/ST

12     Roddy White, ATL-WR
13     Calvin Johnson, DET-WR
36     Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG-RB
37     Tony Romo, DAL-QB
60     Mario Manningham, NYG-WR
61     Knowshon Moreno, DEN-RB
84     Brandon Jacobs, NYG-RB
85     Lance Moore, NO-WR
108   Jacoby Ford, OAK-WR
109   Ben Tate, HOU-RB
132   Jason Campbell, OAK-QB
133   Rashad Jennings, JAC-RB
156   Chiefs, KC-D/ST
157   Sebastian Janikowski, OAK -K


Who do you think had the best draft?


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