Phils plan public viewing of Game 3 on Sunday

The Phillies are planning to give you another choice on where to watch Game 3 of their series against the Dodgers on Sunday night. Little information has been released as yet, but team officials are saying that they're planning a public viewing of the game at Penn's Landing starting at 8 on Sunday night.

Game time is 8:22 p.m. in Los Angeles.

Of course, last week the Eagles and Phillies played at the same time. Those with two TVs were in the best shape; otherwise it was an afternoon spent clicking the remote back and forth. This Sunday both teams will be on the West Coast. The Eagles will play the 49ers at 4:15 in the Bay Area, and almost certainly will be over before the first pitch is thrown at Dodger Stadium.

There was talk of arranging a public viewing of last Saturday's NLDS Game 3 at Milwaukee, but those plans were trashed when word of Bruce Springsteen's free concert on the Parkway for Barack Obama was announced.