Long, long ALCS game tests viewers' peseverence

Used to e-mail questions to a readers panel connected with the Savvy Consumer column and post their responses. Most were universal issues that just about everyone had an opinion on: ticket prices, ads placed on players oor on the playing surface, or crying in the locker room.

With a chance to bring more people into the dialogue, I'd like to start interspersing questions among the posts related specifically to teams.

So, curious how much of Saturday's game you watched? The game started just after 8 and lasted almost 5 1/2 hours, ending close to 1:30. This is an issue that comes up during every baseball postseason; the games often end so late that many people on the East Coast already are in bed. Still, with TV calling the shots, there's no hope this trend toward 8 or 8:30 p.m. starts will change anytime soon. For instance, every remaining Phillies-Dodgers game will start at 8:22. Even a game of normal length won't end until almost midnight. 

So, how late did you stay up Saturday. If you left the game, at what point or time did you decide to head to bed?