Game 6 tix prices? Wait til Thursday

A Game 6 at Citizens Bank Park is a little more than 100 hours from now, so it makes sense that StubHub is reporting around 3,400 tickets available for that game Friday night. Average selling price for that game is $251, and the average price for Game 7 on Saturday night is $256.

Where the price on Game 6 goes likely will depend a lot on the status of the series. No doubt the price will rise if the Phillies come home ahead 3-2. Otherwise, that average price might hover where it is if the Phils lose the next two in Los Angeles. That could set up a Game 7 on a Saturday night, bringing some elements into play that will move prices generally higher.

StubHub's report lists the average price for the four NLCS games at Citizens Bank Park at $227. That's more than $160 over the selling price for the four-game series between the teams here in August.

Tonight's game at Dodger Stadium is showing an availability of 3500 tickets and an average selling price of $119. Wednesday's Game 5 is selling, on average, at just a few dollars higher.

Prices for the games at Fenway Park in Boston are the highest among the four teams. The average price for today's game was $307. It drops to $260 for Game 4 and $243 for Game 5. Again, if the Red Sox would win the next two, that price for Thursday's game certainly would rise.

The price range for tickets at Fenway was $75 for standing room for Game 5, and $2583 for a seat today in the Dugout Box behind home plate.

World Series tickets? The average selling price remains at $855 for the three games in Philly, $1001 for the four potential games in Boston and $606 for four possible games in Tampa.