Sunday, April 19, 2015

Playboy Interivew: Richard Dawkins Busts Creation Canards

For those who actually "read" Playboy, Richard Dawkins answers some hard questions.

Playboy Interivew: Richard Dawkins Busts Creation Canards

Starting next month I’ll be moonlighting for another blog – the esteemed Knight Science Journalism Tracker. As this is a slow season, the current Trackers asked me if I wanted to warm up with some guest posts. For my first entry, I chose an interview with Richard Dawkins that appeared in, of all places, Playboy.

Overall I liked the interview, which meandered through atheism, science and religion, death, morality, creationist canards and even animal rights. I did think the piece was too long to sustain interest with the Q&A format, unless perhaps readers were simultaneously “entertaining” themselves with the T&A. Read the post here.
(Warning - clicking on the Playboy link within the piece may call up some Adult images)

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