The E2P Earth Day quiz

Signe WIlkinson's comic strip Family Tree features a family trying to go "green" in various ways.

The Earth-to-Philly-generated Features cover story in today's Daily News - featuring a custom illustration from our own Signe Wilkinson - takes the premise that you, the reader, may not have been paying attention to the "green" thing up until recently. But you, the Earth to Philly reader, have certainly been paying more attention than the average American, right?

So for the online version we've added a quiz where you can test your knowledge of various efforts to help the planet by comparing two products or activities, some of which are very similar to each other, and others that are utterly different. Each answer contains a link to the study or story providing the background documentation. Good luck!

Quiz 1: Water bottles
Which is greener, 1 stainless steel or a dozen plastic bottles?

Quiz 2: Television screens
Which is more energy efficient - Plasma or LCD?

Quiz 3; Takeout containers
Which is better for the planet - Cardboard or Aluminum Foil?

Quiz 4: Driving and eating
Which will do more good - Switching from SUV to Prius, or eliminating meat & dairy?

Quiz 5: Hummer vs. Prius
Which harms the environment less - a Hummer or a Prius? (Careful...)