Greener than green beer

On St. Patrick's Day, all of us who have a perceptible amount of Irish blood get to trump it up and get all ethnic-like about the "wearin' of the green." While some quasi-Irish folks (and a lot more non-Irish) will advise you to go for the green beer (or, what the heck, any color), others will go for dying public fountains green or wearing a shamrock to church services.

Here at Earth to Philly we want to tip you to one of the greenest things you can possibly do this spring, which will at the same time save you some green: Sign up now for April's Green Carpet Gala, a deluxe event sponsored by the Peace Advocacy Network. If you do so today or tomorrow you can take advantage of the special early-bird discount.

The event is a benefit for the local nonprofit Peace Advocacy Network (PAN), which was founded here in Philly about a year ago. It's a grassroots group run completely by volunteers. As its mission, PAN says it "strives for the absence of violence in the lives of animals - human and non-human alike."

Earth to Philly will be at the event. But what, exactly, is the Green Carpet Gala? Here's the basic overview from the group's press release:

On Saturday, April 2nd, Peace Advocacy Network will be throwing a Green Carpet Gala at the Warwick Hotel in Center City.  The environmentally themed gala will feature a silent auction, cash bar, raffle prizes, and a gourmet vegan meal.  Entree options include Tofu Scallopine a la Marsala, Eggplant Cutlet with Marinara Sauce and Vegan Crab Cakes.  

Money raised through the event will go directly towards supporting the campaigns of the Philadelphia-based, Peace Advocacy Network.  Tickets are currently available at a reduced rate until March 18th and are selling fast.  Discounts are also available for those interested in reserving a full table that seats eight.

The event is black tie optional.  Discounted valet and self-parking will be available for folks traveling from outside of the city.  Tickets may be purchased online at, where you'll also find more details about the event.

Since it's "black tie optional," if you didn't get enough green-wearin' in today, you could show up at the gala in your best display of greenitude. That's Earth to Philly's plan, anyway. Hope to see you there too!