Coming soon: YOUR eco-TV Show?

Ready for your closeup? Gretjen Clausing and PhillyCAM have a new studio for community TV.

Daily News readers may remember our cover story a few years back about how the Philadelphia Community Access Coalition finally got City Council to approve funding for community access television in Philly a full quarter-century after it was mandated.

Since then, the city’s public-access cable outlet, PhillyCAM, has been getting squared away, setting up temporary digs, training Philadelphians and putting them on the air. On Thursday the organization announced its acquisition of a permanent home for its TV studio right around the corner from Independence Mall. Here's how PhillyCam director Gretjen Clausing (who was one of those featured on our cover way back when) explained the new development to WHYY's Newsworks:

"For me, there's still something incredibly powerful to be able to say, 'I'm going to be on TV tonight,' as opposed to saying, 'I'm going to be on the Internet,'" said Clausing. "To be able to truly create a space on the dial that is dedicated to thoughts and opinions of Philadelphians, and where people can tune in and see their neighbors and representatives, is incredibly important."

There are already a bevy of locally- and nationally-produced shows on PhillyCAM's schedule, and more new programs are showing up this very day, but PhillyCAM is still looking for people with good ideas and initiative to bring their passion to the studio. If you've been kicking around the perfect philly-related eco-show, maybe this is the time to turn it into a reality.

Either way, Earth to Philly's hat is off to Clausing and the others who worked tirelessly to bring grassroots media to the Philly airwaves.