More TV for iPad: 'Prohibition,' '48 Hours'

TV, you might have noticed, wants to be wherever you are.

So for iPad users who can tear themselves away from Angry Birds, here are a couple of new things to watch:

-- The first installment of Ken Burns' new documentary series, "Prohibition," will be available for streaming on PBS' iPhone/iPad app starting Friday, more than a week before its Oct. 2 debut on PBS. (The PBS app, by the way, is one of my favorites -- elegantly designed and full of content, it's also free.)

-- CBS News' "48 Hour Mystery," which the network describes as "television's most popular true-crime series" -- remember when it was a high-concept news magazine? -- is  offering an app for viewers who just can't get enough of the show's Lifetime movie-like stories of missing and murdered loved ones. (No, I'm not a fan -- but I do know at least one guy who says he watches with his wife so they can feel better about their marriage. So there's that.) The app's a free download, but there's a $4.99-per-year subscription (an in-app purchase through Apple) for access to current and past episodes going back to the 2005-06 season. According to "48 Hours" executive producer Susan Zirinsky, it's also an opportunity to "connect with others who believe you need a superior brain to be a true crime fanatic."