Dave Roberts goes Hollywood

The weatherman's come in from the cold.

And as the snow was falling in Philadelphia and its suburbs Tuesday night, retired "Action News" forecaster Dave Roberts was enjoying himself at a Fox network party in Pasadena, Calif., with his son, "Bones" star David Boreanaz.

And in some quarters, the father was as big a draw as the son.

Not only were a couple of Canadian TV critics scouring the crowd, hoping to meet Roberts -- they'd apparently grown up watching Roberts when he worked in Buffalo -- but "Bones" co-star Michaela Conlin, who's from Allentown, confessed that she was "starstruck" when she first met him.

“It was just that moment where it’s, ‘Oh my God, you’re real,’” Conlin said. “He’s so lovely to be around. But when I met him…I was a little nervous.”

Roberts only laughed when I repeated Conlin's comment.

"My wife Patti  and I come out as often as possible, to support David in all his ventures and also most importantly to see our grandchildren,” he said, before asking if I'd talked to anyone back in Philly about the weather there.
“It’s coming in tonight, anywhere from 4 to maybe 8 inches. I talked to my weather producer. Yeah, I keep in touch with the station there. One weather producer calls and tells me. We converse,” he said, laughing.
Which doesn't mean he misses standing out on City Avenue in the snow.
"I put 32 years in there...Done all that, been there. All the storms and sleeping over,” said Roberts, who turns 75 next month.
“I was talking with David on the way over here about that. It used to be I’d grab a bag and leave the family…and you never knew how long. And we’d either stay at a hotel [or] I used to stay right at the station. I’ve slept on more couches and things. I guess you weren’t really supposed to do that, but I just kind of disappeared. I’m there in the building, stay here, do my work, when I’m done, I want to go home, I don’t want to go to a hotel. That’s the way I always felt.”

 These days, he's relishing the time he gets to spend watching his son work.   

"He’s going to start directing a new show. He’s excited about that. He likes to direct. I went with him last January when" he did it, Roberts said. "I came out here and stayed with him. I said, ‘I’m going to go with you, do the whole thing.’ So we were up at 3 in the morning, drive at 4, we’re on the set at 5, come home at 11 o’clock at night. I couldn’t believe the work schedule, not to mention the pressure, just the physical [aspect]. I did like 12 days with him, and it was a great experience.”
“Anyhow, life is good, as long as you stay healthy, and your family is well, you’ve got everything,” said Roberts, making a graceful exit just as a soft rain began to fall.