'30 Rock,' live from New York!

What's happening on the West Coast, where TV critics have once again invaded an unsuspecting hotel -- this time it's the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, and are grilling actors, producers and the occasional network honcho:

-- NBC's "30 Rock" -- the show that's won Upper Darby's Tina Fey a positive embarrassment of Emmys -- will air a live episode Oct. 14, NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad announced today.

"Tina's up for it," Bromstad said, noting that Fey, after all, came from "Saturday Night Live," but it was apparently the network's idea, aimed at boosting viewership for the show (whose ratings have never been quite as glowing as its reviews).

And, yes, it will be live on both the East and West coasts.

Asked what assurances NBC had asked Fey  for before putting Tracy Morgan on live TV, Bromstad said, "None."

That said, "there will be a delay" of some seconds, she said.

-- Bromstad's boss, entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin on What Went Wrong last season, which, among other things, saw NBC try and fail to fill its 10 p.m. hour with "The Jay Leno Show," only to send Leno back to "The Tonight Show," ousting Conan O'Brien in the process:

"I think we made too many changes, too quickly, from a position of weakness."

Do tell.

-- Asked by a reporter if the departure of Steve Carell might represent a logical time to bring "The Office" to a close, Bromstad rejected the notion, noting the strength of the show's remaining ensemble. (No one's yet saying who'll be replacing Carell's character, Michael Scott, at Dunder Mifflin.)

 "Would we have ended 'ER' when George Clooney left? I think that would've been sad...I couldn't go home and face my 14-year-old son with 'The Office' off the air," Bromstad said.

 -- Oh, and "Heroes" fans? NBC still hasn't ruled out a wrap-up movie, but so far, "we just haven't needed it, scheduling-wise," said Bromastad.