'Idol' Season 10, Night 1

More random thougts about the first night of Season 10 on "American Idol," the New Jersey auditions: -- Are we sure 16-year-old Victoria Huggins doesn't already have her own Disney Channel show? And am I the only one who thinks someone will eventually be sorry they put her through? Once the grandmas start voting, those 16-year-olds often stick like glue. -- There seem to be a lot of 16-year-olds. -- Steven Tyler's as soft a touch for pretty girls as Paula Abdul was for pretty boys. Guys, on the other hand, may get the "did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child" treatment. -- Jennifer Lopez may be no Simon Cowell, but she's no Paula, either (and not just because she often speaks in full sentences). Other than her claim to have remembered a contestant who washed out of Hollywood Week in Season 6, she doesn't seem to have let her "Idol" fan status get in the way of her show-business judgment. -- The judges may be different, but the horrifying -- and usually highly rated -- audition shows remain pretty much the same, there apparently being no chance that bad singers will stop going on "American Idol" for their moment of notoriety.