Love Insurance

Are you someone's Plan B? You know, the date that gets called only if someone's first choice is otherwise occupied. If they're   honest with themselves, most folks will admit to at some time or other being someone's back-up plan. I maintain that there's no shame in being second string. Because although you might not be considered one person's top tier, there's always some other person who thinks you are.

The August issue of Psychology Today has an excellent article on the whole Plan B thing as it relates to romance. It turns out that there's an evolutionary basis to it. (Think of it as love insurance.)   The magazine gives tips as to what to do change your status if you're someone's Plan B and also tells folks how to manage the person who's waiting for their shot at the numero-uno slot. For instance, Psych Today editors say you should set a time limit for how long you'll be the "mate-in-a box." They also suggest issuing an ultimatum.

The best advice, though, for folks wondering how to change their Plan-B status, really, is to keep it moving. Because once someone starts thinking of you as second rate, that's a hard thing to shake, don't you think?