Will Rahm try to lure Ramsey?

Will Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey end up singing that old blues song, “Sweet Home Chicago,” in the near future? 

News reports in the Windy City have suggested that Ramsey could be a contender to replace Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis, who resigned earlier this week.

Chicago’s civilian-run Police Board is tasked with drafting a list of three candidates for the job. Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel, who takes office in May, will make the final pick.

Ramsey is a Chicago native who spent nearly three decades in the Chicago Police Department, rising over the years from a foot patrol cop to the deputy superintendent. He could not be reached for comment tonight.

Since taking over the Philadelphia Police Department in 2008, Ramsey's name has been involved in a number of rumors about him getting lured to a new gig, mainly due to his relationships with leaders in Chicago and Washington, D.C., where he also served as the chief of police.

When I asked Ramsey in December if he would stay on as commissioner if Mayor Nutter is reelected, he said: "I'd like to stay. The way I feel now, I'm not tired, I'm not burned out."