Driver slams into Roman Catholic High

A woman caused a three-car accident before slamming into Roman Catholic High School at Broad and Vine streets Tuesday evening. 

The female driver was driving southbound on Broad Street toward Vine during rush hour when she sideswiped an All City Taxi just after 6 p.m. 

Mesfin Abera had just dropped-off a passenger when a woman driving a black ford Expedition scratched the side of his taxi.

“I was in the middle lane. She was in the left when she started hitting my car,” Abera said adding that he stopped his car when he was hit a second time. “When she didn’t look at me, I knew she wasn’t good. I was scared.” 

The woman then stepped on the gas and smacked into the back of a silver SUV, he said. 

“It looked like she was trying to get pass the cab,” said Tom, 49, of New Jersey who only provided his first name. “She smashed into me and I smashed into him,” he said gesturing to a man standing beside him. 

“I just wanted to get out the way,” he said. “I looked into my rearview mirror and thought Oh my God.” 

The driver then sped across northbound lanes, over the curb and crashed into the school. No one inside of Roman High heard the crash and classes had let out at 2:45 p.m., a school official said. 

Concerned citizens rushed to the vehicle after it crashed to see if the driver was OK. The woman was pulled from the vehicle and  taken to Hahnemann University Hospital by medics where her condition was not yet known. The woman shouted “Oh my God. What’s going on?” as she was taken out of the vehicle.

None of the other drivers was injured.

Police are still investigating the incident.