Desktop Shooting

I say this as someone who once drilled a hole in his index finger while making some home improvements: accidents happen.

Some stand out more than others.

Take, for example, Philadelphia police Capt. Mark Burgmann. On Tuesday, police sources said, Burgmann, the head of East Detectives, accidentally fired a round into his office desk while he was on duty.

No one was injured when Burgmann's gun went off, but Internal Affairs will investigate, as it does any time an officer fires his weapon, said police spokesman Lt. John Stanford.

The incident called to mind another accidental discharge. On Sept. 23, a Philly police officer accidentally fired a flight attendant's handgun inside Philadelphia International Airport. No one was injured by the bullet, which struck the ground.

Hollywood has addressed police desk shootings in the past, perhaps most memorably in the Will Ferrell flick, "The Other Guys."