Cops and video: Woman hits ped, car and then strips naked

A woman experienced her own version of Philadelphia freedom - but not for long - after she hit a pedestrian at 16th Street and JFK Boulevard last Wednesday, got out of her car, stripped naked and got down on all fours on the sidewalk, according to police and online video of the incident.

The Daily News was looking into the story last week and on Monday, cell phone of the incident was posted on Gawker.

Almost as unusual as the woman and her comments, which include "I'm one with God," "Give me a hug" and "You ain't never seen nobody do it like this," are the comments from bystanders. Those who witnessed the bizarre incident had a variety of true Philly reactions from "Yo. It's too cold for this anyway" to "Stay off the crack" and "Put your clothes on."

According to police, the stripped-down driver is Nakia Watson, 31. Police said Watson was in a dispute with an unknown woman before the incident and tried to run that woman over with her car but missed and hit an innocent bystander. That victim, a 47-year-old woman, was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital in critical condition, police said.

After hitting the pedestrian around 2p.m., Watson then hit a parked car and stripped down nude on the sidewalk proclaiming "I'm free! I did it ... Thank you God!" according to the video and police.

The video, which is not safe for work and includes nudity and profanity, can be seen here, on the Gawker website.

Watson, of Norris Street near 19th, was charged with aggravated assault while driving under the influence of intoxicants and related charges.