Cops: Couple ran hotel drug-dealing ring, with preschooler in tow

Bensalem police have arrested a homeless couple who they suspect dealt drugs from a Route 1 hotel, after cops raided their room and found a sizeable stash of drugs and related paraphernalia within reach of the couple's 4-year-old child.

Brittany Alverest, 23, and Aljour Hoyle, 30, were charged with drug offenses, child endangerment and related crimes after the Wednesday raid, Bensalem police Sgt. Andrew Aninsman said.

Police say the couple ordered phony prescriptions off the Internet, filled them out illegally and recruited acquaintances to get the prescriptions filled at pharmacies in Philadelphia and Bucks County. The duo also allegedly sold marijuana. When police searched the room, they found various narcotics that were easily accessible to the child, a baby bottle with cough medicine residue on it, cash, laptops, pills that appeared to be oxycodone and other drug paraphernalia, Aninsman said.

Both are now in Bucks County Prison, Hoyle with a bail of $150,000 and Aleverest, with a bail of $30,000.