A whole lotta 'Pressure'

Dafney, the other half of Philly Confidential, has the results from the latest installment of Operation Pressure Point, the new supercalifraglisticexpialidocious law enforcement campaign:

Nearly 100 people were arrested and charged with weapons, drugs and assault offenses after the second round of raids in Operation Pressure Point over the weekend.

 Yesterday and Saturday, Philadelphia police and several federal agencies - collaborating in a seven-month law-enforcement initiative targeting crime in the city's 12 most violent districts - shuttered seven nuisance bars and netted over $50,000 worth of drugs during the raids.

Authorities confiscated six firearms and two vehicles in bars throughout Germantown and Tioga.

Confiscated in the raids were more than $13,000 worth of crack, $18,620 worth of marijuana and $19,642 of cocaine, PCP and heroin.

 Authorities arrested 40 people for narcotics offenses; 33 people on bench warrants, which included juvenile offenders; 10 people were charged with robbery; four for aggravated assault; six people were charged with robbery and theft; one person for weapons violations; and one person was arrested on a parole violation.